Intro to Us


Welcome to our blog! This is written by two millennials who live on separate sides of the United States. One half of this blog will be written by Justin, who lives on the east coast, and the other half is written by Rachel, who lives on the west coast. Both of us experience similar issues going through the adjustment into adulthood, but we also experience very different issues. Since we live on differing coasts and we are different genders the issues we face vary accordingly.

We will now introduce ourselves individually.


I’m Justin! I live in the state of Virginia, but I did not grow up here nor have I lived here very long. I attended school here in Virginia, and I work at that same school now. I’m originally from Southern California, which is where Rachel and I met, but then I moved to Missouri right before my freshmen year of high school. My parents still live in Missouri, but the rest of my family is scattered in North Dakota, Iowa, and Arkansas. I chose to stay in Virginia so I could be near a coast, and because getting a job here is much easier then back home. I’m currently trying to get into law school to pursue a career in law and hopefully one day a federal agency. If a federal agency is reading this than I hope you guys like what you’re reading.

I have many interests that I will undoubtably talk about on here. I love movies, and I’m very opinionated about them. I’m a huge Los Angeles Dodgers fan, and we will win the World Series! I may also include references to comic books; my senior thesis in college was titled “Superheroes vs Vigilantes.” But, mostly I love talking about the differences between generations and how the millennial generation is different from the past generations. Sometimes I will defend millennials (because I am one), but sometimes I’ll say that what we do as a generation is wrong. I am a Christian so I will write my blog posts from a Christian perspective and often reference the Bible. There are many things in this world that I struggle with because of my faith, and I want to be able to talk about those issues. A Christian millennial perspective is very different from a secular millennial perspective, so I think it’s worth sharing. Overall, I just want to share my thoughts about what it’s like to be a person going through what sociologists are now calling “emerging adulthood.”

I hope everyone enjoys this blog!

Now here is Rachel’s intro.

Hi! I’m Rachel and I’m a twenty-something, native Southern Californian. I’m currently a graduate student and am studying to become a clinical neuropsychologist. I’m a quirky, Type-A, preppy individual who considers herself to be a coffee enthusiast. I spend way too much time (re)decorating my home and in my (very limited) free time, I love to go to pilates, read, and cook/bake.

Since I’m a student who loves to shop, I work several part time jobs and am obsessively redoing my budget to make sure that last shopping spree didn’t just put me in the red. I plan everything out and while this has definitely helped me with becoming an adult, there are so many aspects that I can’t plan out that makes figuring it all out so tough. I have a love/hate relationship with my generation, which will be reflected throughout my posts. My posts are a reflection of my life; looking at the daily struggles, successes, and surprises that a millennial, who’s Christian and innately conservative, faces.


Now that we have introduced ourselves, in what felt like signing up for a dating site, we hope you enjoy what we have to say. We are going to try and post every week with us trading off every week. In other words Justin will post one week and then Rachel will post the next week. The posts may be related or not; just depends on how we feel.

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