Patience is a Skill

I am not a patient person…and I really wish I were. It’s common knowledge that I won’t wait more than 35 minutes for any ride at Disneyland. There are moments throughout the day where I catch myself being ridiculously impatient; like the time I got annoyed that my mom hadn’t replied to my text until I realized it had only been 30 seconds since I hit send.

If I were a patient person, this particular time in my life might be easier. I am currently waiting to find out where I will be attending school next year. Honestly, this is the most nerve racking and anxiety inducing time I have ever been through. I have always known early on where I was going to school. But it’s now March, school’s done next month, and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to hear if I’ll be attending school in the fall or looking for a full time job.

Trying to force myself to be patient in this situation is like asking a leopard to change it’s spots…it’s just not going to happen! On any given weekday, I check the admission status sites more than I check Facebook. I also had to make a rule that I can only email admissions once a week, because I fear them hating me just because I’m impatient curious. But really though, I need to know why haven’t my GRE scores arrived!

Through this whole ordeal, I have learned that I need to work on this because patience is a quality I need. Pausing to take a deep breath and reflect on how urgent something is has helped give me insight to the self created insanity…which has allowed for much needed clarity. Asking myself, “is this a real crisis or a Rachel crisis” has also really helped me become patient. I recently had an issue and I constantly had to remind myself that time will fix this and to wait it out (my friends also reminded me this every time I said I was giving up). And you know what? They were right!

Something really important I’ve learned is that the frenzy from being impatient is useless because you’re stuck in the present, no matter how hard you try to propel yourself into the future.

“I have no patience for useless things” -Frank Underwood, House of Cards


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