Life After Death and Taxes

April means taxes are due, and there is nothing worse then doing taxes. You have to take all your income from the past year and make sure that you paid the government enough, and if you didn’t then you get the great opportunity of paying more. *major eye roll* If you’re lucky then you find out that you were over taxed and the government sends you money, which is great. Although, figuring out taxes as a young adult is weird, because sometimes you are caught in-between being dependent on your parents but also living independently.

Normally, I like to do my taxes right away that way I can get my refund right away; or pay what I owe so it doesn’t hang over my head. But, this year I was caught in a frustrating position of not knowing if I was independent or dependent on my parents. Before, I would just click that nice box that is labelled dependent and then keep going. But, this past year I was not really that dependent like I use to be. I got my own apartment, paid for my phone, and took over pretty much all my bills. So, it seemed like I should be independent.

However, for parents claiming their kids can be really helpful. And, honestly I was really only independent for a little over half the year, so what do I do about the other part of the year? I had to wait a while to figure out what my adult status was, and eventually it was an easy fix. But, not knowing if I was independent or dependent was such a weird place to be in. I think that there are a lot of people my age that feel similar to me. Getting out of school and striking out on your own is tough and wonderful, but sometimes the connection to your parents still exists.

I luckily got to be independent because even while I was dependent on my parents for some things I had still taken over a majority of my bills; so I didn’t really rely on them as much as I thought. However, even when I got my refund I didn’t get to use it like I wanted. A lot of people get to use the money they get back for fun things like vacation or a new tv, but there are a lot of us that just use that money for bills. My refund disappeared as fast as it came to expenses that I had to pay for now that I was independent.

I am very grateful that I have the ability to be independent and not have to rely on my parents for much. I am also grateful that my parents let me be independent and helped raise me to strike out on my own. However, there is a part of me that longs for the times where I didn’t have to worry about W-2s or or 1098-ts. I often wish for the times where I was completely dependent on my parents, because then the money I earned could go toward fun things. But, unlike Peter Pan, I grew up and am now a full functioning adult. Or at least semi-functioning adult. I still eat cereal for dinner sometimes because cooking just takes too long.

“…but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”
― Benjamin Franklin

P.s. The picture is me praying for a refund.


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