The Doctor Will See You Now

There are many things that mark adulthood, but two of the biggest ones are that your parents don’t do everything for you and you pay for everything. This is never more true then going to a doctor’s appointment as an adult. Or, really any time of appointment like getting your car serviced or getting your hair cut. Making appointments as an adult is super important and also completely terrifying.

When we are younger we have our parents to rely on to make all those necessary appointments. Need a check-up with the doctor? No sweat mom’s already made the appointment for Thursday. Need to get the oil changed in the car? Pshh, dad did that two days ago. They have it all under control. But as an adult you have to remember when and how to do all those things, and on top of that you have to pay for them too.

When I had my first doctor’s appointment as an adult I probably called my mom three times to make sure I was doing the right thing.The first call happened before I even made the appointment, because I didn’t know what type of doctor I should go to. The answer was any doctor who would take our insurance. My second call was to make sure I had the right insurance card. Luckily, since I am still under 26 I have the ability to be on my parents health insurance, but that doesn’t mean I know how it works. Third call was to see if I was allergic to anything I may have forgotten about. The paper work at the doctor’s office is kind of daunting the first time you go. Whenever I used to go with my mom she would fill it out while I read an old Sport Illustrated. When I had to fill it out for the first time I was clueless. Of course I didn’t call just three times; my fourth call was to tell her I survived and I didn’t have any deadly diseases.

If making the appointment and filling out the paper work isn’t bad enough at the end you have to pay for it. I recently bought new tires for my car, and buying big rubber circles is super expensive. I went through all the appointment steps of setting up the time and place, calling my dad to make sure I’m getting the right tires, and filling out paperwork, and at the end the mechanic told me the total cost of the tires. I thought I was paying for school all over again; except this time I didn’t have a scholarship. Since I bought the car myself I had to pay for everything. Fortunately, I had budgeted and saved up to buy the tires, but it was still a lot.

Making appointments is the worst. I don’t have a lot of tips to make it better, because honestly I’m still figuring it out. I would say that calling your parents is not that embarrassing because usually the secretary or nurse understands.

“I have no idea what I’m doing, but I know I’m doing it well.” -Andy, Parks and Recreation 


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