Don’t You (Forget About Me)

Recently I celebrated my birthday, which sounds like it would be super fun and exciting because I am young and should party while I can, but it was kind of just okay and slightly boring. See, I had the unfortunate opportunity to share my birthday with Mother’s Day. And if that wasn’t enough it was also the day after my university’s graduation. This meant that all my friends had their families in town and they were celebrating their big accomplishment of completing their undergraduate degree and they were celebrating their moms. So, there wasn’t much time for Justin.

The weekend was tough for me because I have already graduated and I live 1,000 miles away from my mom. I still FaceTimed with her of course, but there was just a different mood. Because of the date of my birthday I am use to it landing on Mother’s Day every couple years, but I usually get to share it with my mom in person. This year was the first year I was not with any member of my family. On top of that, all my friends either went home after graduation or they were with their own mothers; as they should’ve been. That didn’t make it any easier for me though because it was my birthday after all.

I’m sure you are reading and thinking “Suck it up dude.” My response to that is “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY.” Your birthday is the one day of the year where it is truly all about you. So, when you have to share it then you get kind of mad. Especially when you have to share it with your mom. Moms are the best, so they always take precedence over everything else. On top of that add being overshadowed by college graduation and it is easy to see how one can be forgotten. I was certainly happy for my friends who graduated because it is a big deal. But, I was upset when some of them didn’t even acknowledge my birthday. What the heck guys?!

I think the hardest part was just feeling alone for a lot of my birthday. I did have some wonderful friends take me out to lunch and hang out with me on the beach. They were very nice for doing that with me on Mother’s Day. However, it was really hard being separated from my family. Like I said, this was the first year that I haven’t been with my family for my birthday, so that was really tough. Part of growing up is being separated from family even on special dates. But, family makes things special, and this year my birthday just felt like another Sunday.

I know this sounds like “Woe is me,” but I just wanted you to know my experience of sharing a birthday with a holiday. There are people out there who share their birthdays with Christmas and other holidays. This is what it is like to be overshadowed on the one day it is socially acceptable to be narcissistic.

“There is still no cure for the common birthday.” ― John Glenn

P.s. You are suppose to read the title of this post just like the 1980’s classic song by Simple Minds.


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