You mean, I didn’t take advantage of nap time?

     I always struggle with feeling well-rested. Since my schedule is consistently organized chaos, it’s not uncommon that some days I’m eating my lunch as I’m rushing to my next client and silently hoping that my third client cancels so I can pick up dinner before my retail shift. There are somedays however that I have time to actually make dinner and catch up on my DVR. I hate being tired because I can’t get everything accomplished when I am, which just makes everything worse. I always know it’s Friday because I’m getting out of bed 5 minutes before I have to leave and 20 minutes before I need to be at my first client’s house.
     On the days where I’m go-go-go, I usually find a way to squeeze in an activity I really enjoy (i.e. Pilates or running into J.Crew…which the latter is actually a bad idea now that I think of it) to break up the day and renew my energy. I also do this so that way I don’t go home, because if I do I can guarantee I will run late to my next appointment.  I am fortunate in that my work environment allows for me to show up in workout clothes, since it is not uncommon that I might be enabling my young client to make “liquid dirt”, aka mud, in the backyard or painting multiple arts and craft projects, so being able to squeeze in a pilates class while running to and from sessions is completely possible.
     I have noticed though that on the days I’m more tired, I actually just really need water. One (or two..) glasses later, I’m wide awake and ready to tackle the remaining two appointments in the day. Now I’m not saying water is the new caffeine, because frankly I have a cup of coffee every morning while my first client eats their morning bacon. But when I stay on top of my water goal, I no longer fall victim to the midday slump.
     There are some days where I’m just exhausted. On those days, I make it a point to be in bed 30-45 minutes earlier (which for me, is 10:15/30). I turn my phone on do not disturb because I swear one of my best friends has a spidey sense for when I’ve just gotten comfortable in bed and am trying to fall asleep, because thats when he always decides it would be a great time to get my opinion on a pop culture event/gossip or debate a controversial topic with me (I’ve called him out on this on numerous occasions). When I do this, it’s like I hit the reset button on the week and I’m completely reenergized for the rest of the work week!
“Great leaders only need three hours [of sleep]. Mine just happen to be non-consecutive.” -Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl

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