Let’s Go Outside

Summer is finally here and I love it. I love being able to walk outside without worrying about getting frostbite or drenched in rain. Sweater weather is gone and shorts weather is in. It means that I can finally get tan, have bonfires, and go to the beach. Summer is definitely my favorite season, but as an adult it doesn’t feel quite the same as it did when I was younger.

As an adult summer no longer means vacation. Instead, work just keeps going into the hot months with no actual break. There is July 4th to look forward to, but it is just not the same as Christmas break; there are no presents and basically no time off. I just sit at my cubicle and look out the window while the best months of the year pass by right in front of me. Getting a tan is much harder when you are inside all day and never actually spend time in the sun. I also can’t wear those nice breezy shorts, because I have to wear professional attire. Full suits are amazing to wear in every other season, but they get real hot in the summer.

Even as an adult summer can still be great though. Bonfires and cookouts are much more fun as an adult. People are generally better cooks and drinking is involved which makes games more interesting and fun. Because I have a job that pays decent the activities I decide to do are much better. Chillin’ at the beach for free is fun, but chillin’ in a beach house with close friends is even more fun. Or I can just throw caution into the wind and fly to California and go to Disneyland if I budget right. My time outside of work is spent how I want to spend it. It is just a little more constrained then it used to be because of work and adult responsibilities.

As a kid, summer was when I would stay outside riding bicycles and playing capture the flag with my brothers and friends until way past dark (aka super late for a kid). Now I have to wait until dark to do anything fun because I work when it’s sunny. I still love summer and the wonderful things that it brings. But I do sometimes long for the days when I actually had a break from life.

“Summertime is always the best of what might be.”
― Charles Bowden


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