LA – SF – LA in 14 hours

This past weekend, I went to San Francisco for a day to take a Child Neuropsychology course at UC Berkeley. I definitely had mixed emotions about this, as I was very excited for the course but I wasn’t looking forward to the very long day. I did not feel like driving 5 hours, so I chose to fly. Honestly, waking up at 4am was not the greatest, especially when I couldn’t just throw on yoga clothes and go out the door; I actually had to look nice. I chose to drive to LAX, because I’m honestly too scared to use Uber anymore and I found parking for under $20! When I boarded my flight, to my delight, I had a whole row to myself!

Getting to and through LAX was pretty easy (as it should be, seeing how it was early Saturday morning). But getting from SFO to Cal was another story. I landed early and since I didn’t check any luggage, I quickly got to where my shuttle was going to pick me up. I waited about ten minutes for the shuttle and I figured we’d pick up one other person. Clearly, I’m new to shuttles, because 30 minutes later, we had a full shuttle and I was praying that I would be the first to be dropped off….wrong…I actually had to ask to be dropped off third because I was already late and starting to get really anxious.

Taking a class at not only a new school but also a new university is exciting and kinda nerve racking! I took a course that had students who were in the same boat as me, who were Psychologist, School Psychologists, Psych Nurses, and MFT’s. It was a great experience for interacting with and learning what professionals in the field know. I can’t wait for my next three classes at Cal (I’m still not looking forward to this commute!) I really enjoyed taking a course in the specific specialty that I plan on working in. I believe that it helped reenergize me with my GRE studying and to keep my career dream alive.

I was very tired by the end of the day when my shuttle arrived to take me back to SFO. I actually mixed up the date and thought that Game 7 of the NBA Final’s was that day. I got back to SFO super early and naturally since I had time to kill, there was no one in line for security; so I grabbed dinner at a not as overpriced airport restaurant before I boarded my plane home.

One of the highlights of my trip was that I missed the first day of the heatwave here in LA, which was fantastic because I hate the heat. I’m so glad that I went to this class since I love looking for ways to enhance my resume because of my young age and for when it comes to practicum and internship placements because I need ways to distinguish myself from the rest of the cream of the crop.

“There are only so many flavors of crazy” -My child neuropsychology Professor


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