Growing up I was always told that reading was super important, but as a kid I hated reading. Who wanted to sit inside all day when you could go outside and play? Not I, that was for sure. I much rather play baseball in the street then get lost in a literary adventure. For a brief moment my cousin and I joked about being in the “Reading Haters Club” because we thought reading was stupid. Looking back I probably said that because I was a slow reader and I hated how long it took me to get through a book. Also, I thought reading was for nerds and you know dang well that I was not going to be a called a nerd.

Nowadays, reading is one of my favorite things to do and I read some of the nerdiest things you can think of. I read a lot and I feel aimless when I don’t have a book. As an adult books have become my way to escape the world of responsibilities. When I sit down to read I don’t have to worry about meeting any goals, but rather I’m focused on the goal of the main character. It’s really nice to be able to be transported to a world of make believe. In the adult world everything has become so real and stressful. I am much more aware of the news and much more involved in important decisions that affect other people’s lives. When I was a kid I lived in a haze that blinded me from those very real decisions and I didn’t need an imaginary world to escape to.

Another reason I have learned to love reading is because I have constantly been told it makes you smarter. If you were to Google the “Top Ten Things Successful People Do” on the list would be something like “They are Always Learning” or “They Read Constantly.” When I first saw this I took it to heart because I want to be successful. I thought to myself “If successful people read all the time then so will I.” I really have learned a lot from what I read. I haven’t become as successful as the people mentioned in those lists but I do think I have become smarter because of the books that I read and information that I maintained.

I think the main reason that I didn’t like reading as a kid was because it was difficult for me to connect with the characters. It wasn’t until I was in Junior High School that I actually connected with a book. That book, and it’s eventual series, changed the way that I view reading and I have become a major bookworm ever since.

“An ordinary archer practices until he gets it right. A ranger practices until he never gets it wrong.” – John Flanagan, “The Kings of Clonmel”


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