Everyone seems to have one problem that goes with them from place to place that they just cannot control. Mine are passive aggressive neighbors. When I was in the dorm, a suite mate had her boyfriend living on our couch who didn’t even go to our school! In my first apartment, my neighbor would frequently try to intimidate me and even put a webcam facing my front door. My current neighbor, whom I don’t share any walls with, has a son who will play music so loud that I can hear it in any room of my apartment.
     I wish I had great neighbors. I used to read books where characters would run next door to borrow cooking ingredients like flour or eggs if they ran out; I wish this was the relationship I had with mine, but I also don’t live in 1940 Connecticut. You can have the perfect location, price, and apartment, but if you have bad neighbors, all the perfection that was once there immediately goes out the window.
     Dealing with bad neighbors can be problematic. Do I try and working things out with them first or do I contact the property manager instead? If I confront them about their behavior, will it escalate because they’re upset that I would be bothered by their actions or will they cease the problem. I prefer to go the route of talking to the property manager first, but I try to make an attempt at discussing the problem with the neighbor first, just to check that box off when the property manager asks. Involving the property manager early on is important because it keeps them in the loop of what is going on, especially in the event that the issue escalates so that way they aren’t blind sided by the unknown long going problem; but it also lets the neighbor know that you’re serious.
    I love my current apartment and I know the noise problem will eventually get worked out. I try to make the best of it without resorting to turning my TV to maximum volume (of course, as I’m writing this the music just got louder and this is now a very tempting idea).

“A good neighbor is a priceless treasure” -Chinese Proverb


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