One Year

This past week marks a year of living in my apartment and for the first time since the dorms, I’m not planning on moving this year. While I do have issues with my immediate neighbor, they aren’t critical enough that I have to seriously consider moving. In all honesty, I don’t want to move. I absolutely hate moving. It’s stressful, expensive, and I just have too much stuff.

Having lived in a studio and a dorm, when I went looking for this apartment, I had a very specific list of things I had to have. I had to have a one bedroom, a parking space, and (most importantly) a washer/dryer. When I lived in my studio, I would use the fluff and fold service at the local laundromat because I hated waiting for my clothes and I found that laundry would never get done otherwise. Location was another factor and I knew that this would raise the price of the amenities I needed. With my current place, it’s the perfect size, there’s laundry machines downstairs, and I have a garage! Are there things I would like to have here? Yes of course! But that’s just not realistic unless I had a condo or a house…

I recently realized I never travel south of my place unless I’m trying to get to the freeway. I always forget about the Target that is 5 minutes from me since I go to the one that was by my old apartment. I spend the majority of my time in the heart of the city, but I want to make it a goal for my second year here to explore more of my neighborhood instead of just writing it off because it’s unknown to me. With my studio apartment, I made it a point to try the different restaurants and amenities it had to offer (it was a way smaller neighborhood than my current one). That really helped me make a connection with the neighborhood and added to the experience of my apartment. There are going to be differences here; a major one being I don’t feel comfortable walking from my apartment to get food or Starbucks like I did with the Studio, especially since this neighborhood is definitely busier and more metropolitan compared to my old sleepy neighborhood.

I love my apartment. It’s the perfect size, is close to work and the places I like to go, and is affordable (for LA). I still think about how much I would love to have a condo or a home, but realistically I don’t need all the space. I definitely can’t wait to see what the next year here has in store for me.


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