Traveling To & From

Going on vacation is great but sometimes there are just a lot more hassles when it comes to actually getting to and from your destination. I recently returned from a trip to the Grand Canyon, which was so beautiful and I definitely recommend going at least once just to cross it off your bucket list.

I love family vacations because it’s not often I’m able to spend so much time with them at a place we’ve never been. However, I was almost unable to go because someone told me the wrong dates of the trip and I found this error a week before we were supposed to leave. Working several jobs makes it hard to just switch time off requests with barely a weeks notice. By some miracle I wasn’t scheduled at one of my jobs and the other job was totally fine with the switch.
After all of the hustle and bustle to actually being able to go to the Grand Canyon, the returning trip home was a nightmare. The drive was fine until we got back into California, where there was a fatal traffic accident which resulted in the 40 being so backed up that you maybe moved an inch every 20 min and was usually a result of cars making a U Turn. There was almost no cell service, so figuring out how to reroute was very difficult but we ended up going up into Nevada and catching the 15 from there to get back into California. The once 6 hour drive turned into 10 and everyone was so glad to be home afterwards.
Vacations are great but sometimes the demands and challenges of getting to and from a place can really affect how you view the trip in the long run. Being an adult, you can’t just make schedule changes last minute and expect to be able to go (I was lucky in this case). In the long run, this was a great trip with my family and I’m so thankful I was able to go. It was the first time all three of us went out of state together!
“Where’s all the faces…of the presidents?” -Andy Dwyer, Parks and Recreation

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