5am is Not as Bad as it Sounds

I’m the kind of person who will schedule an 8am meeting even though I’m fully aware that any time I do this, I will instantly regret my decision the morning of when I’m struggling to get out of bed. I want to be a morning person, I love the idea of it. I could knock out so much before 11am. I love thinking about all the things I could accomplish before I have to leave for work.

To me, there’s just something so peaceful about being up at 5am, drinking coffee, and getting a jumpstart on my day. There’s no new posts on social media, so I don’t feel the need to check them. There is no expectation to reply to emails, texts, or return calls at that hour; especially since most people are not awake yet. I enjoy not being disturbed at that hour by neighbors or others in the community. Working out at 6am is one of my favorite things because I can’t make an excuse not to go, have something come up, or run out of time; which is a common occurrence if I schedule it for later in the day.

I’m trying to transition to being a 5am morning person. I think this will really benefit me, especially as I’m going through my doctoral program and I’ll be commuting to school. I know that if I’m doing readings before my phone starts going off with various notifications, I will get it done. Whereas if I’m doing the same reading at 7pm, it will either take me twice as long to read, I’ll skim it, or just not do it at all. Waking up early to me just sets the tone for the day. I know that I feel more productive (and actually tend to be) if I start my day early. I don’t feel lazy because I spent the whole morning lounging in bed. I tend to be in less of a rush as well, which helps me not forget things.

These morning are a great time to be about you. It allows you to have time for peace and quiet, while spending time doing what you might need to do and things you might not have time for otherwise. Morning routines help set the tone for the day. It gives you a dedicated time for personal growth, self care, and reflection. No matter what craziness happens that day, you will have already spent time focusing on you.

“The present is always an opportunity for us to learn, grow, and become better than we’ve ever been before.” -Hal Elrod


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