Slow Down, Break Ahead

Half way through the semester and I finally get a reprieve from the hectic schedule that is my life. At the school I attend I get Fall Break, which is the same thing as Spring Break but in the Fall. It’s a great time to catch up on homework, relax, and be with friends. Oh yeah, and still work full time.

Fall Break, for me, has always been special because it has been a time when I have built relationships with friends without having to worry about going to class or have other prior commitments. This Fall Break was a little different because while I didn’t have to go class I did have to go to work. On top of that I still had to do all my homework, and one of my biggest papers is due after the break. Luckily, my work is flexible with my hours and my friends are understanding of my work schedule.

I still was able to have a lot of fun over the break despite work and homework. I had one goal this break, and it was to have just that, a break. Unfortunately, my breaks now have to be planned out, but planning fun can make things a lot more enjoyable. Instead of trying to figure out what I want to do I can make a list of ideas and then choose from them during the time I set aside for fun. This allows for me to both keep my schedule but also keep a feeling of spontaneity because I don’t know which activity off my list will be chosen.

Another major aspect of my break that I needed was rest. My sleep schedule has been random, and I needed to be able to reset and catch up. This didn’t work out quite as well as I wanted, but with good reason. I love sleep, but I love hanging out with friends more. I much rather stay up late with friends then get ten hours of sleep. Like I mentioned before, some of my favorite times have happened during Fall Break, and many of those memories happened late at night. My body hasn’t been handling the lack of sleep as well as I wanted it to. I got sick over break, but the memories are worth it.

The break was great and well needed. Now it is time to return to long days with class and work. But, there is only eight weeks until the end of the semester.

“When he worked, he really worked. But when he played, he really PLAYED.”
― Dr. Seuss


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