Fa La La La La…Too Many Tasks

With the holiday season is upon us, this time of year brings Christmas trees, holiday parties, and if you’re in school, finals. Being able to balance all of the holiday obligations while trying to pass your classes is difficult. Each weekend seems to fill up faster than anticipated, leaving no time for any studying. Sleep is scarce but necessary.

Looking at my own to do list this time of year is scary. There are endless tasks that need to get done before I even look at what gifts I need to buy. Getting through the first two weeks of December is difficult because there are more excuses than usual to avoid doing the tasks you’re dreading. To ensure I get everything done in a timely manner, I rely on my schedule. I make sure I not only know what events are taking place each day, but I also make sure I list what assignments or tasks need to be completed that day. This helps me not forget what I need to get done, but also makes sure I am where I am supposed to be.

Staying on top of your to do list is difficult as well. For every item on my list I complete, three more items are added onto it. When I have to run errands, I make sure I can capitalize on my venture out of the house by having every return or list I need on me. If I have to take out the trash or put something in the garage, those come with me when I’m walking out the front door.

When it comes to holiday plans, it is okay to say you can’t make it to an event…regardless of whether you just don’t want to go, you’d rather stay home, or you have a million other things to do. Just make sure you say no ahead of time and not five minutes before the event occurs…or even worse, after the event has begun. Also just saying, I’m planning on being there but I can only be there for an hour, is a totally acceptable way to attend. As a host, I’d rather have my friend show up for an hour than to not have them come at all. Just make sure this is told in advanced so the host is aware.

The holidays are a great time and everyone is in a festive mood. But as a graduate student, it’s hard to be festive when there are a million things to do before even looking at school obligations. If you schedule right, you should be able to go to everything that you want to go to.

Other presents come when you least expect them“-Gossip Girl

One thought on “Fa La La La La…Too Many Tasks

  1. I treat this month as every other month of the year, I’m just more cranky. I’ve never been a fan of the holiday season (various reasons), but respect that others find a way to feel the spirit. Good luck with all you have to do, I fondly remember and loath graduate school.


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