Creative Outlet

I have always felt like I have a dichotomy in my life between wanting to be analytical and logical and wanting to be creative and free flowing. There shouldn’t be a reason that logic and creativity are at odds, but that seems to be the way things are. In my life I have chosen a career path that doesn’t allow for a lot of creative avenues. When I speak of creativity I mean in the sense of art. I understand that there are creative solutions to problems, but I am referring to creativity in the sense of artistic ventures. As I become more logically based I find myself wanting more and more to be creative.

In the past I have had creative outlets to satisfy my artistic tendencies. When I was younger I used to play the drums. I picked them up because my brother started playing the guitar and I wanted to play music too. It was great at the time because it allowed me to express myself in a different manner than I was used to. Instead of school and sports, I now knew how to create the foundation and driving force behind a song. It was a lot of fun to learn and to mess around. It was my first real creative outlet where not everything had to be perfect; it just had to fit with the song.

From music to writing. I have always enjoyed forming stories and coming up with new content. In high school I took a creative writing class that allowed me to imagine the stories I wanted to tell. I wrote about thieves, a murder mystery, the end of the world, and of course love. That class ignited the biggest creative fire my life has seen. And it is a fire that has not been quenched. Since then I have dabbled in writing screenplays and novels. I’ve helped friends with their stories and even seen some of them come to fruition. This past year I became a published author of a short story. The creative rush is too fun to let go.

Since I stared law school my creative outlets have dwindled. Reading casebooks and writing appellate briefs are fun and interesting (not sarcastic), but not in the same way as developing a story. Since the beginning of school I have looked for ways to be creative, but the time to actually do it is lacking. However, recently I have found and made time to start a new creative venture. A podcast. It’s silly and random, but it is way too fun. I started it with a friend, and we have a blast doing it. It’s great because it is pure creativity. There is no thought or preparation just whatever comes to mind first. For all the thought I put into everything else I do it’s fun to be mindless and let my imagination just take over.

For me creativity is so important because it stimulates a part of my mind that nothing else can. The creativity actually helps with my logic. I can think of solutions in a manner that is different because I have allowed myself to be creative. I think that logic and artistic creativity is more closely linked than it seems.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
― Maya Angelou


Ps. If you want to listen to my podcast it is called 20% Egg. It can be found on iTunes or at this link

You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @20percentegg

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