More On My Plate

If there is one clear theme in my life right now it would be busyness. While this theme is evident in many people’s lives, I find that my life continues to have less and less breaks. This is something I do to myself. I am in no way denying that I make my life busy. I think that I subconsciously love to be busy. Actually, I think I consciously choose to be busy.Having a full calendar allows me to have things to look forward to, and it allows me to connect with people consistently.

I have written previously about how I work full time in addition to attending Law School. During the summer I wrestled with the idea of lessening my load by not taking classes. I then laughed at myself and tried to sign up for as many classes as humanly possible. That plan didn’t work, so I had to settle for one class, but this class is an intense accelerated class.. Surprised? Me either. I am going to be doing this accelerated class on top of working full time. This means that I will be out of my house everyday for a minimum of 14 hours. My weekends will go back to being stuffed with study time and class prep.

Recently, I thought “You know what? I’m not doing enough. Let’s add something to my schedule to make my life more full.” So, I picked up an internship at a law firm. Yeah, so now I’m working full time, have class, and a legal internship. Luckily, at the moment they have not overlapped, but they will during this month. I am blessed to work at places who have voiced their ability to be flexible with me, so I know scheduling will not be a major concern, but, my sanity is a slight concern. I am about to do the most I have ever done.

Remember when I wrote about how I found my limits? Those are about to be pushed. One of my favorite comedians, Olan Rogers, had this t-shirt, that I own, that has the phrase “Know thy limits. Push past them,” written on it. I take this phrase to heart because I think that limits are meant to be tested. In my previous blog post I spoke about how I have been able to identify my limits. Now that my limits are clear, I can begin to stretch them. Growth comes from being tested. I cannot grow or learn if I never experience pressure. Limits should always be expanding; otherwise one becomes complacent. I hope to never reach a place of complacency. Yes, breaks are good, but periods of slowness produces nothing worthwhile.

“A man on a thousand mile walk has to forget his goal and say to himself every morning, ‘Today I’m going to cover twenty-five miles and then rest up and sleep.” ― Leo Tolstoy

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