Always Moving

When I was fourteen my family made the biggest change of our lives when we moved halfway across the country. We moved from Southern California to St. Louis, Missouri. The trip took my whole family plus my dog, three cars, and two semi-trucks full of our belongings. The journey was three days long taking us through the desert and plain states of this country. It wasn’t really scenic nor exciting, but it was a trip that changed my life forever. So, it only seemed fitting that almost exactly ten years later I would move again.

This move was not as major geographically. I did not move halfway across the country, nor did it take me two semi trucks to move all of my stuff. This time I only moved about 10 miles from where I was, and I was able to get my things moved pretty easily with the help of friends. But, like the move I experienced when I was fourteen this one marks a change in my life. This was the first major move of my adult life. Which may not sound super impressive, but it was a growing experience. When I had moved into my last apartment I didn’t own much so the move wasn’t hard. I just took what little things I had in my dorm and drove down the street. This time around involved a lot more.

One of the biggest lessons I have had to learn as an adult is how to be both independent and reliant. This move was a perfect example of that theme. I had to pack and move as many things as I could by myself. I had to prepare and manage my time, but when it came to some of the bigger things I couldn’t do it alone. I have not reached a point in my life where I can pick up a full size couch by myself (notice I said I haven’t yet reached a point, yeah that means I plan to). This meant that I needed friends to come help me out. I had to rely on others to get to where I needed to go. Luckily, I have some great friends who were more than willing to lend a hand or two. But, part of me wanted to do it by myself. I highly value my independence and being able to do things in my own strength. But, like I have discussed before this is not alway possible.

Ten years ago when I moved with my family halfway across the country everything in my life changed. I wouldn’t say that this time around everything has changed to the same extreme that it did before, but it does mark a pivoting point in my life. In my last apartment I was in a state of limbo. It was where I was trying to figure out where I wanted to go with the rest of my life. Now, in my new house I have a better feeling of what I am suppose to do. There is less questioning of what I need to do and more of how I am going to do it. It’s weird to think that a change of living space can create a different way of viewing a situation. It’s not like my new house holds the secrets to the universe. However, I think that sometimes ideas often materialize themselves. I think this move was not just a physical move of address but also a metaphorical move of my state of mind.

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien

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